The Grant Process


Gain strategic understanding of the strengths and key features of the applicant

Read the RFP (Request for Proposal) meticulously in order to understand the needs and requirements of the funder

Attend funder conferences and/or webinars and phone conferences concerning the RFP

Submit questions to the funder as needed (Q and A’s)

Design Collaboratively

Collaborate with the assigned client representative to create a unique approach and design the proposed program

Work with the assigned financial officer to develop a cost-effective program budget

Write and Create

Write a compelling narrative that clearly describes the proposed program and responds to the Funder’s RFP

Create support materials including organizational charts, graphics, flowcharts, linkages within the community and letters of support


Edit proposal

Submit a timely draft for client review

Work with the client to integrate comments and suggestions

Prepare the final proposal

Proofread final draft

Submit proposal in a timely way

Prepare an Abstract as a vehicle for advocacy

All UCN proposals are customized to the client organization. UCN never uses templates or boiler-plate language. Each proposal is fresh, original and written to suit the client’s unique programs and the funder’s exact specifications.