NSGP 2022 now CLOSED.

FGS is proud to announce a record NSGP 2022 season! Thank you to the schools, shuls, camps, and community centers in 18 states for entrusting us with your most critical asset: your facility and the people you serve.

NSGP 2022 highlights:

  • Met one of the shortest deadlines ever, with some states closing the application period nine days from the federal release date.
  • Customized applications for a record number of organizations. (We never boilerplate.)
  • Pivoted to a brand-new federal application form.


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Why FGS?

Our successes tell the story.

As expert grant writers and strategic consultants, you will rest assured that your application is highly competitive. Since 2020 alone, we’ve helped nonprofits obtain more than $19 million in security funding to harden their facilities against terror in federal (NSGP) and state security funding (NY, OH, CA, and others).

At FGS, we pride ourselves on completing every aspect of every application process in a meticulous and seamless manner, providing organizations just like yours with the guidance and services needed to access vital security funding.

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